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seven golden rules for a solid UX. actually – make that 16.

June 8, 2008

It was really interesting to come across this list of 7 aspects of great User Experience, given by Andy Budd, a designer and developer at Clearleft in the User Experience (UX) Melbourne conference. Andy’s 7 aspects are:

1. First Impressions Count

2. Attentive Service

3. Personalisation and Customisation

4. Attention to Detail

5. Feedback

6. Make it fun

7. Create the perfect environment

That reminded me of a book I read recently, one of the old stepping stones of Usability – ‘Built for use’, by Karen Donoghue. I was interested to compare these to the ‘9 things you need to know about User Experience strategy’ Karen has come up with. Karen mentions the following as key to a solid UX strategy:

1. Capture What Customers Expect in the User Experience (Attentive Service)

2. Link Usability and Profitability

3. Good Bones Are More Important Than Good Skin: Architect for Navigability and Scalability

4. Make the First-Use Case Frictionless (First Impressions Count)

5. Thread Ease of Use Throughout the Experience (Make it fun)

6. Execution: To Outsource or Not

7. When Things Go Wrong: Fixing Broken User Experiences

8. Channel Integration: Harmonize the Brand Experience Across Channels and Environments (Create the perfect environment)

9. Next-Generation User Experiences: Invisible Ubiquity and Transactional Intelligence

6 years are separating the two sources. Interestingly enough the two have a few overlapping ‘rules’ and a few which are not at all mentioned in the other list. Let’s go through the common elements:

1. Listen to the user, understand their needs

2. First impressions are crucial to establishing a solid relationship

3. Experience should be easy and enjoyable

4. Experience is holistic and should encompass every single interaction of the user with the brand

I will not go through the elements that were not overlapping as I deem all of them crucial to a successful UX. However, by focusing the common elements, it’s easy to see what are the absolute musts are for a solid UX. To me the one that is missing from this ‘basic lists’ that Andy touched upon and that Karen may have neglected because of the different times is

5. Personalisation and Customisation

what’s yours?

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