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web 2.0 is a fig leaf, according to FT

June 30, 2008

FT covers web 2.0for enterprise solutions, seeing it as yet another silly trends “Web 2.0 is an industry fig leaf covering the naked emperor of computers’ inability to understand meaning and purpose. That said, in many situations if you are naked, even a fig leaf can be useful”, viewing community as  “I like Britney too… cool!”. that is to me very sad and unfortunate that someone as sophisticated and knowledgeable as an FT writer cannot see beyond  “I like Britney too… cool!”.

The writer is assuming web 2.0 is about handing the stirring wheel of your car to an out of control 3 year old. that is how he views – maybe not in these words, but under that assumption – the social element of web 2.0. He is all good with using these elements internally, but deems company’s choosing to implement them as putting themselves at incredible risk. ho, yet another person that doesn’t really gets what social web is about and what a one off opportunity it provides the company to REALLY check with the user WHAT THEY WANT.

Pointing out folksonomies as an example for the inconsistency of the masses, seeing web 2.0 as shifting all control to the user, the writer fails to understand the collaborative nature and two way dialogue web 2.0 offers, which offers many more benefits than pretending than operating as a company which does not engage in a dialogue with their users. Giving room for the user to contribute allows a product that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

web 2.0 is about harnessing the many social elements of the web to WISELY use on your site. what a company needs to do is understand how the various social tools might channel the communication with their audience, and make an informative, smart decision about how to use them to maximise dialogue with audience. those that ‘copy and paste’ wikis, blogs and recommendations into their sites without understanding what they serve, are setting themselves for a huge failure and injury.

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