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web 3.0 – what does it mean???

September 29, 2008

so, many people are starting to talk about web 3.0, many of which are going against the term and/or what it represents, such as in here. To those of you looking for a more fact based ‘history’, there is an interesting article that can be found here.

Trying to ignore the hype, the buzz words and the marketing around ‘web version’ trends, web 3.0 – to me – represents the long awaited dissection of information. Now that we all operate and consume database marketing, where your profile is broken down into tables, your friends are a list of people living in a separate table, and the TV shows you like are stored in a different table – now the ONLY next natural step is to further analyze these tables so they make senseย  and are relevant in any context. I have already given numerous examples of analysis of information that is relevant in context here. The classic example that I always use is performing a search for the term ‘apple’ – is it the brand? the fruit? or maybe the symbol of knowledge as given to Adam and Eve? How can a search engine ‘know’ what exactly do you mean?

it’s all in the structure of data. what does that mean? ahh…. you’ll have to wait for the next post for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

good night



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