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time goes by so quickly… and sematic web in simple language

November 30, 2008

and i still didnt get to discuss web 3.0 and semantic web (the post i owe you guys for september).

i am linking to Rick Murphy’s blog in my blogroll section as I have found his blog fascinating and recommend it strongly to those of you interested in sematics. it is not an easy read if you are not into techy terms and way of thinking (i am still finding my way through it), but please do not be deterred by language and ideas – this is a well worth reading blog.

and now, for those of us not so clear on sematics language and meaning, here’s the basics:

Semantics – is the study of meaning and signification. this can be applied under many areas such as math, language, computers, psychologt, etc

Semantic Search, from wikipedia: “attempts to augment and improve traditional Research Searches by leveraging XML and RDF data from semantic networks to disambiguate semantic search queries and web text in order to increase relevancy of results”.

XML – we all know, is a technology that allows communication.

RDF -resource description framework. a W3C data specification, a genral “method of modelling information” (W3C), RDF is focusing on description of information, from which once can start drawing meaning of.  sematic search as guided by W3C is based on RDF.

disambiguation – a process that breaks down the various meaning a word holds: apple – brand? fruit? the art symbol for the forbidden fruit of garden of eden?

my gut feeling tells me there could be an interesting story to be told about semantic web and ANT: meaning plays a major role with context of an economy of actors.

If anyone has anything to add to the above – just shout!

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