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the feeds war and who will become a primary source of information – facebook connect, NY times extra, etc

December 6, 2008

This week has seen many news about sites getting feeds from other sites:

– faceboook connect launch which allows a user to login to another site using facebook information. whatever activity the user is then having on the other site, is shared by other users. this is in effect an interface between a site and facebook which allows facebook to dominate social networking, monitor user activity, and base itself as main social activity aggregator. Other sites could use it in future to pull facebook information, and already enjoy ‘advertising’ in facebook.

– NY times launched NY Times Extra, which introduces a new layout presenting feeds from other sites.  In the same way, NY Times are showing food understanding and mapping of what is happening in the online sphere – the RSS culture, overload of information, which leads people to use their feed agregators as main site, is going to determine which site will become successful. NY Times, posing itself as main  news site understands they will need to use feeds from other sites as ‘other reference’, to position themselves as primary source, rather than let someone else decide which source is primary and which secondary. even in the price of linking to other site, as the end result is, after all, NY Times remaining as main and primary source.

it’s the feeds war, and the one to win is the one to understand it is OK to link to other site, as long as YOU remain the primary source of information.

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