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CES Day 1: meeting Jeff Pulver

January 7, 2009

One case, one handbag with mobile, berry, laptop, ipod, keyphob, my beloved Canon, and chargers for all devices. 1 path ride, 2 trains, and another airtrain. People, aircrew, lots of big and small bags, passports, machines that work quickly to get you into a queue that is longer than the one for those who don’t do express check-in.

Finally I got through the line of 1,528 people queuing for passport and tickets check, going through security and grabbing coffee. Jon DMs me that Jeff Pulver is on the same flight as me. Ahhhhhh! Oh, got coffee and sandwich all over myself now. there goes all my beloved Christmas shopping items. But who cares?? Jeff Pulver! The guy that embodies social media and who holds the most important event in CES – social media jungle – is on the same flight!

I am the last one to go inside the plane so didn’t see if he arrived. Walking to my seat I spot him at 11A. say something? Wait for later? I don’t know and am too excited. As I am battling with my ‘16-year-old-fan-meeting-her-idol’ mode, I am thinking best way is to tweet him rather than blush face to face. I am starting to text and send the tweet, but the Captain orders all of us to shut all devices. OK, who says tweets have to be sent via electronic devices? I write a tweet note and ask the nice flight attendant to give it to 11A. Score! J He comes over for a lovely chat – and invites me to a 6pm speakers dinner tonight. What a lovely guy!

For those interested on learning more about Pulver:

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