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CES Day 1: Social Media Jungle Speakers dinner

January 7, 2009

Dinner was held at Maggiano’s, a nice and lovely Italian place right next to the Venitian. We had a table of around 15 people, almost all of them are speakers in tomorrow’s Social Media Jungle event. All people with social media passion in their eyes and polls of knowledge of social interaction online from the days fire was created using stones…

Conversation around the table, between people, and as stemming from the agenda was around all elements and developments of social media. Two key points that have emerged as new topics were:

Personal vs Professional – most sites, as users, try to keep professional networking separate to social networking. Is the separation needed and helpful, or is creating an ‘authentic identity’ composed of the social and the professional, contributes to better trust and relationship?

Age of conversation and ‘noise’ – twitter, friendfeed, all these conversations sites are recreating community relationship and personal relationship as we forgot existed. they also, however, bring a lot of noise. interestingly perception was that twitter less so, and friendfeed, that aggregates all feed and is suppose to organize noise for you – more so.

How do you use social media to market your brand and values without looking like you just pasted your logo on facebook/twitter, but actually giving real value to company and clients.

Going to sleep on it – tomorrow is a big day.

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