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CES Day 3: first day exhibition report given by non tech

January 9, 2009

It is 2am and though I am struggling to keep my eyes open (up 6am after 4 hours of sleep, listening, learning, networking, reviewing the exhibition) I am still all buzzed with excitement.
Today was the grand formal opening of the exhibition: halls and halls of consumer electronic toys. But what was once the industry trade show for consumer electronics, has now become as much as owned by new media content and marketing as can be: almost every product, be it a TV screen, a mobile phone, a sling box or a device for your car – it now incorporates social media. Many companies, as mentioned in previous posts, have announced social media features this year, companies such as Panasonic, Cisco, Sony and this year’s show hit Boxee are just a few of them. Beside social media, this year – as expected – was not a year of innovation in technology, however some very clear signs of progress towards same experience was shown by major players (GE, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic). To those of you interested to hear tech trends and news from a social-media-fan, here goes:

•    Touch screens are everywhere: your mobile/TV/computer (almost all makers), kitchen table (NBC universal), drinks vending machine (Smasung)

•    Spatial motion (aka ‘Minority report thing’) is here (Toshiba)

•    Palm is/has the new iphone experience

•    Content is downloadable to watch on a screen of your choice (both Sony and NBC offer same functionality, NBC has a better user experience, e.g. Battlestar Gallactica webisodes downloading while you watch nuggets of content.)

•    Rock Band ROCKS! everyone’s making supplementary gadgets for the game

•    While we are all blinded by touch screens etc, IPTV starting to take shape slowly and surely

I attended one session today that was successful – widgets as a platform, read in my next post. All other sessions that focused on Social Media were still stuck with last year’s pitch of ‘Social Media is great! you should use it!’. I think we all got over that, it’s time to tell us HOW to use that, HOW to measure that. I am hoping to see more of that in tomorrow’s sessions.

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