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CES Day 4: widgets time

January 12, 2009

ok, ok – this panel actualy tool place on day 3, a day which was mad, with not one minute to remember your login questions to all networks ‘forgotten password’ questions.

So – widgets!! we all know widgets are pitched as a great and cool social media marketing tool. The challenge now is twofold:

1)    How to combine it into the entire campaign: how do we know what’s successful and what’s not? Are we aiming to compare apples to apples (e.g. DM vs. widgets) or will these never be comparable, and in that case, how do we measure success?
2)    How to design a successful widgets campaign?

The panel had 5 participants, almost all offer widgets platforms and distribution tools, and one participant, Paddison, representing the content. Where are the Brand/Product reps? Well that’s the audience of course!

First question was why choose widgets? How do you compare it to traditional media (such as banners, direct marketing) and know what works for you? Two schools of thought dominated the panel:
On one hand, Radfar and Pashman: we need to compare apples to apples, we need to come up with metrics that give us an indication of whether it worked or not comparing to other activities.

And on the other side…
Paddison: there is no way to do that! Widget do a different job.

The second question was what is it you do to make ads appealing to brand ads and why should we choose you. To Paddison, the key behind a successful campaign is understanding the social connectivity of your campaign:

Seems like the 3 following stages are guidelines agreeable by all panel members to form a successful widgets campaign:

  1. Step one: what’s your content?
  2. Step two: what’s the social connectivity of it?
  3. Step three: tailor widget code around social activity


Are Widgets metrics going to change this year? What are benchmarks for widgets success?

  1. Current metrics include:
  2. Number of installs
  3. Depth of engagements
  4. Time spent on page/widget
  5. Lifespan
  6. Unique users

As for benchmarking and new developments in measuring success of widget based campaign  Paddison replied the request to measure success needs to be defined by client, not the tech solution “what’s the core of my product, the social interaction, that I want to measure?”

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