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The travelers guide to Twitterverse – Part 1 we’ve only just begun….

February 1, 2009

So the new media darling, Twitter, is all everybody is talking about, and you either really don’t understand what they are all excited about, or leading a conversation about @Scobleizer’s latest tweet. If it’s the latter, you can either skip this post or post a few tips for the beginner tweeter from your experience.

Like most brilliant things in the world, Twitter is either loved or hated by most people.
Doug Cornelius wrote a great post not long ago about why he loves it.
I love it because it’s a simple and brilliant way to talk to people and learn, learn, learn (about yourself, about your friends, about your interests, about the industry and about life in other parts of the world).

The main principle behind enjoying Twitter is to make a conscious decision to NOT read everything. Chris Brogan, key leader in the Social Media world says:  “Most people who see Twitter the first time either flat-out ‘get it,’ or they say, ‘why bother?’ Here’s what people miss. They believe one should read every single update that rolls across your screen of choice. Don’t. Just let it roll past like a stream.”

1. Search: find the twitters you like and enjoy. There are 3 ways to search on twitter:

•    Twitter yellow pages
•    Follow the tweets of those you are following, those that follow you, and those who follow those that you follow and that are following you.
•    Celebrities, politician and News Tweets: @algore, @BarackObama, @cnn, @nytimes are only a sample

2. Organize your feeds

OK, so you subscribed to some feeds, now what? With so many tweets per minute, how do you consume all information without going crazy or bored? My first advice would be DOWNLOAD TWEETDECK. Without it, Twitter is like eating pasta with no sauce. Like going out to fishing with no bait. TweetDeck allows you to organize and filter your feeds by groups of people, topics, keywords etc.

Other places to get your updates from [thanks Wikipedia!]: Twitter website, SMS, RSS, or email, or through applications such as Tweetie, Twinkle, TwitterFox, Twitterrific, Feedalizr, and Facebook.

Check to make your life easier.

3. Learn the language:

Twitter has a language of its own which is worth learning:
•    RT – ReTweet: when you want to quote someone else’s tweet,
•    #hashtag – any word that has ‘#’ attached to, symbolizes ‘tagging’ of a conversation about a specific topic which can be followed later on when doing search.
•    When replying using text from mobile use the following format: ‘d username msg’. e.g. if you want to send me a direct message: ‘d alinwagnerlahmy how are you?’ If you want to follow someone from mobile use the following format: ‘follow usename’ e.g. ‘follow alinwagnerlahmy’

Want more details on how to get started? Here’s a great TwitTip post:

These are the basics, next post – the Twitter guide to the intermediate user.

Did I miss anything? Did you have a cool tip to make the life of the Tweginner easier? Use comments to add from your knowledge and experience.

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