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The travelers guide to Twitterverse – Part 2 So… here we are

February 1, 2009

So you started using the Deck, you check your feeds a few times a week/day, and starting to look for better, cooler ways to engage in Twitterverse? This is a very initial list that I have started. I am calling all you Tweeple who used Twitter and have tips to share, to add them to this Blog post as comments so together we can build some reference to help guide other users.

The journey to self discovery:

So have you figured out which type of Bird are you? David Barrett, The LinkedIn Lawyer, has tweeted a link to an absolutely fantastic quick guide to discovering which type of Tweeter you – and your followers/followings are:

Share and save time:

* Avid user of Facebook Status? share your tweets on facebook instead of copying status and pasting into twitter:

* Got an iphone? Ah, the best twitter experience awaits you….

* Took a cool pic and you want to share it with your followers? Use TweetPic.

Beware of scams

And… create your own background :

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  1. February 2, 2009 9:15 am

    Wow, did not realise just how applications there are for Twitter now – busy loading gadgets now!
    Extra tools to help grow your contacts:
    1. Follow: MrTweet – he will then contact you to help find the most influential contacts within your Follows to follow (does that make sense?)
    2. If you are Tweeting via Firefox browser, you can download “Grease Monkey” add on that allows you to follow the complete list of followers or followees of anyone in your network – don’t load too many at a time though – Twitter may close you down as a Spammer!
    Another great Twitter resource is Dave Brown at ProspectMX – check out his blog – How to be a Twitter Rock Star:

    Have fun.. Roger

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