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How I visited LegalTech without being there physically (OR: How YOU can attend LegalTech even if you are physically not there)

February 3, 2009

Today was LegalTech’s 1st day and I couldn’t be there as had to attend a mandatory training session. Though frustrated and annoyed, I ended up enjoying the 1st day very much: I got a lot of information, learned about hot topics of industry, heard keynote main messages, and even participated in a session – and I was miles away from actual event.

And no, I did not use Star Trek’s Beam to transport myself. I used Twitter.

I can give you a whole description here about how and what Twitter legal community tweeted about, but how about checking it yourself:

The one session to exemplify to power of Twitter was “What is Twitter and How do I use it”, during which @bobambrogi tweeted discussion and questions from the panel into Twitter, getting Tweeple’s feedback – especially from people that couldn’t be there.

I was in training, miles away, and could still [using TweetDeck] monitor, listen, participate in the event. I was tuning in and out of the Twitter Conference, absorbing as much – or as little – as I chose to.

It is inspiring to see how a tool like Twitter gives one the ability to ‘split your mind’ and absorb information. It is community participation leading to knowledge sharing at it’s most highest level.

If you can’t physically attend LegalTech just download TweetDeck, create a filter for #LTNY (do a search for the term, the Deck will save it for you for as long as you want) – and just follow the conversation.

See you all tomorrow at the #LTNY Twitterverse!

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