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Can’t have it all.. or Bye Bye Blog!

March 4, 2009

Today I closed one of my blogs, ‘Virtually Social’. It was a hard thing to do, but had to be done – simply because there was hardly any content there. I bravely accessed WordPress (one of the strongest blog platforms) and pulled the plug from any links to it. It isn’t the first time I have pulled the plug. When I started writing my current blog, SleeplessInNY (, I decided to use my WordPress account for two blogs: one blog for general new-media related topics such as social media, community, web 2.0 and some information systems theory all under the umbrella of ‘SleeplessInNY’, and the other blog focusing on interactive content on mobile.

The idea behind it was to put full focus on mobile content, a blog that is dedicated solely to that. That didn’t work out. I closed the Mobile blog and opened, after a short period, a new blog focusing only on ‘Social Networking’. That too didn’t work out. Why? I was fully focused on ‘SleeplessInNY’. Technically, it should have been easy to manage 2 blogs as WordPress allows users to flip between multiple blogs under same account in one click. Still it required a mental ‘shift’ which for some reason I wasn’t comfortable with – I kept writing only for SleeplessInNY.

Moreover, not only did I not write in my ‘focused’ blogs, but I didn’t write about the specific topics – Mobile or Social networking – at all, as each time I started writing, I wanted to make sure the mobile content goes to the mobile blog, and Social Networking to the Social Networking, and all the rest to SleeplessInNY. On the other hand, there isn’t always a clear cut between social media, social networking, mobile content, and more often then not they are all closely tied, so how do I make the differentiation of what to ut where?

Confused? Imagine how I felt, as you can clearly see I tied myself in knots and ran in circles. So I stayed with one Blog, SleeplessInNY, that was about everything ‘Internet’. Tagging, categories – all these allow me to keep ‘focus’ on specific topics, and still maintain the freedom of talking about a broad range of topics that are all somehow tied together. I am still annoyed and disappointed the two didn’t work out together, but hey – can’t have it all right?

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