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Social Media for Lawyers meetup – what a meetup/tweetup!

March 29, 2009

Last Thursday we had our first meetup/tweetup for Social Media for Lawyers. Before I continue to describe and go into details I should prepare you. One of the meetup’s panelists and attendee said every time he writes a blog post reporting directly from an event, he opens with a sort of disclaimer letting readers know the post is ‘rough’ and may include typos. My disclaimer here will include that, plus an alert for you to be prepared to read mushy statements of high emotions and excitement , a result of a really enjoyable and successful meetup/tweetup and of meeting great new people sharing the same interests and passions.

Thursday last week for me was a peak of a few long and exhausting weeks working on Connected improvements such as registration and other things-not-worth-talking-about-in-detail-but-that-are-planned-to-improve-and-enhance-the-Connected-experience. I was tired, my mind was in analysis mode, I was over-coffeenated and under-sleeped. In addition to that it was raining, and we had a couple of last minute cancellations so I was moving right into ‘a-kid-with-a-birthday-party-to-which-no-one-is-coming-to’ mode.

Was I in for a surprise.

With @lawyerkm, @ThatLawyerDude and @nikiblack (via Twitter) as panel members sharing their TwitterTips, the meetup’s conversation around the table  – and on Twitter – quickly developed around not only Twitter but Facebook (the new design, of course!), wordpress (best blog platform), RSS, email and future user interface in communication devices.

Hot topics we discussed included General questions on how we got into Twitter in first place, why we’re using it, what apps we’re using to follow conversation and analyze followers, stats etc. The main message was that if you want to enjoy Twitter you have to find an application that manages it for you in the best way – looking at the web page is just not doing it. Majority of people indicated using TweetDeck or iphone’s apps as best tools to use.

An interesting conversation about the border between personal and professional developed, one that swept the entire group into discussion – how much of the personal do you put into your professional? Obviously no one answer was given and this still remains as a hot topic that might require it’s own meetup…

Facebooks new redesign seems to have caused much conversation on Twitter side: the Giant Facebook with 175 million users has redesigned itself to match Twitter, a site of 10,000,000 registered users.

I can go on and on about other topics that were discussed but why should I rewrite what is already publicly available – go to and search for ‘#sm4law’ (the tag we used to label the event and its tweets) to tap into the conversation.

Things I will be taking with me from the event:

  • Nothing like the combination of online and offline meetup/tweetup.
  • I have got to buy an iphone – it’s the best device to get the most out of Twitter.

As I headed back home from the event, I had that familiar feeling of a ‘community high’ that reminded me why I LOVE social media so much: it brings together people who share similar interests, passions and goals, in a way that would have never been possible otherwise. The kind that lights a sparkle in one’s eye.

See you on our next meetup/tweetup.

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  1. April 1, 2009 1:59 pm

    Congratulations on the success of the Tweetup and the well deserved “high” afterwards – ditto on the iPhone (in fact I want to move all my computer installations back to Apple) – looking forward to the next article (from your iPhone!!)

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