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Why Twitter and are there any Lawyers there at all?!

April 19, 2009

Those of you who know me know I have one word integrated into every sentence I say in the past 6 months or so (other than ‘Connected’ :)): it’s Twitter. I write, read and speak about it, praise it, discuss it. Many people from the legal industry who know me ask: Why do you keep on talking about Twitter – how is this relevant to us? How many lawyers and legal professionals are there that you invest so much time and energy talking about it and using it specifically around social media for lawyers?

Towards the end of the Twitter for Lawyers and Legal Professionals webinar we hosted last Friday (17th April), a question was asked about ‘why would law firms and organizations care about Twitter? What is the value for them’. My answer to this, that echoed very strongly in feedback emails I got when webinar ended, was

“Because the conversation will happen whether you are there or not – so why not hop in a give your brand a chance to be a part of the conversation that shapes perception of its image and services and feeds current and potential customers with information”.

But how many lawyers and legal professionals are there, really, on Twitter?
Twitter has seen a growth of thousand of percentages and is now ranked number three in growing social networks. It is extremely difficult to estimate how many lawyers are on twitter exactly. When looking at the Twellow directory that indexes the bio area to categorize users under specific category, it seems a little less than 4,000 are listed as Lawyers. If you check wefollow site, which is a probably more accurate site as this is where users have actively labeled themselves as relevant to the category, you will find around 1000 who labeled themselves as ‘lawyer’ or ‘attorney’ with total number of 215,786 followers interested in those individuals. Remember, these are only those who actively labeled themselves as such on this new directory which means that there is a much bigger number of users out there who hasn’t done so, out of the 10 million users of Twitter. Notice majority have joined since late December 2008, and with network growing as rapidly as it does today this number is destined to triple and maybe even quadruple very shortly.

So how can Law Firms, Lawyers and Legal Professionals use Twitter?

During the webinar we touched aspects of the Twitter Experience – what to tweet and what not to tweet, how to use twitter as a marketing tool, which analytics tools to use to improve management of your tweets.

The bottom line is – just do it. open an account, start listening, tweet links to information that contributes to pool of knowledge and you will soon be swimming in the conversation.

Next webinar we will be focusing on Twitter Brand Management. If you would like a copy of the Twitter for Lawyers and Legal Professional presentation or would like to be included in distribution list for future webinars, send me a message or an email – or better yet – a tweet.

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  1. April 20, 2009 1:02 pm

    I agree and thank you for posting this article! As a Career Specialist for Kaplan University’s School of Legal Studies program for adult learners I’m pointing out the many uses of Twitter for those interested in the legal field.

    Recently I blogged about the idea of the legal profession being on Twitter. Feel free to take a look on my blog when you have a moment and thanks again for posting this great article!

    Kirsten Grant
    Twitter Id: kgrantcareers

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