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Bintro, zAgile, Zemanta – semantic web meetup

April 29, 2009
Jack Donaghy
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Last week I attended the Semantic Web meetup after a long while of not attending. Going to meetups after a long day/week is not easy, dragging oneself through trains, searching for a specific place, but it definitely paid-out, in fact, the meetup was so great I really regretted no attending these in the past few months.

This meetup saw 3 semantic based products: Bintro, that is matchmaking users by interest; zAgile, that is allowing requirements management via wiki; and Zemanta, that does a nice content search and match.

Bintro is a community application that allows anonymous as well as identified users, to make connections based on mutual interest. If you are, just like Jack Donaghy, a high level exec that secretly collects Cookie Jars, you can create your anonymous profile and find other people that can help you grow your collection. You can also use it to find your next Liz Lemon. The question that drives the site is ‘What you need’. Based on that, a series of matches is made behind the scene, which spits out suggested interests list, a list that grows and changes over time as more users with similar interests are added to the network.

zAgile is an interesting technology to aggregate and channel all of your requirments products and conversations into one platform. This awesome tool is OSS, available on SourceForge. Yet another Open Source product that excels it’s competitors and is completely free (did anyone say WordPress?)

I really enjoyed Bos’s presentation of Zemanta, a content tool that matches and suggests content that relates to the content you write/create. There’s a firefox plug in as well as a blog platform plug in. I am trying it now so we’ll see how far and deep it can serve the user and audience. It looks like an app that quickly serves relevant content – be it pics, tags or relevant artices – to what is being published.

All three presenters were extremely passionate and animated in their presentation of absolutely intriguing products. I registered for all and I cannot wait for the next meetup.

One tiny cool thing I noticed was that no one has used their email address at the end of the presentation. All used their Twitter accounts for contact details. Now that’s an interesting development. Up until now I saw people using twitter accounts on their business cards in addition to all other contact information, but not yet on formal presentation, totally replacing any other contact information.

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  1. April 30, 2009 5:37 pm

    Great hearing that Bostjan’s presentation generated interest in the audience. Let me know how you find Zemanta experience and if I can help you in anyway.

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta or @gandalfar if we’re talking about Twitter aliases today 🙂

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