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All rules have changed. Enter intelligent web – enter Wolfram Alpha

May 17, 2009

Search. It will never be the same.

This sounds more like a part of ‘Lost’ plot more than anything. A new search engine – that brings you the answer you need rather than a bunch of links – the brain child of a ‘mad scientist’ is emerging:

“It is named after its inventor, Stephen Wolfram, a British prodigy who earned his PhD in physics at the tender age of 20 and made a fortune from a calculation and graphing software package called Mathematica—and who raised eyebrows when he proposed, in a self-published tome in 2002, that the entire universe is but a giant calculator that has been running for billions of years.” [the economist]

Wolfram Alpha looks like and declares itself as a long term project aiming to accumulate all data in the world that needs to be computerized. This is in absolute perfect timing with O’Reilly’s  speech of the growing, intelligent web that digests and processes information to deliver something back with higher value.

I watched the Wolfram Alpha demo and it is mind blowing. Also, if you have time please read the wonderful review by futurelawyer, see cool examples on Mashable,  an an explanation of why it is NOT a Google Killer.

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