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Weekend break: West Virginia – great wine festival, kayaks, romantic cabins and really bad food

May 25, 2009

This weekend the hubby and I finally stopped playing coach potatoes, rolled out of the sofa and went for a roadtrip in West Virginia. Why there? it’s somewhere where we have never been, it’s close enough to drive from NJ, we heard about its green scenic views and decided to give it a go.

Our first stop was a really disappointing Diner somewhere in Pennsylvania. Just to give you the background, diners to me are the peak of each roadtrip – quality greasy food is hard to find, and there is nothing like a nice fat mushroom omlette and fresh brewed coffee to kick off the day with! The Diner we kicked off with had machine made coffee and plastic omlettes and pancakes! I was devestated.

We continued our drive to Martinsburg, where a wine festival was held. Took us 30 minutes and instructions from 2 different people to find the place (when the village itself is no larger than Soho, NY) but was absolutely worth it: a corridor of paintings drawn on a large palette welcomed us into a circle of wine and food booths, in front of which a small stage was set, where people sat with their wine of choice, enjoying ol’ country music. sweet! and sweet it was indeed. most wines were dessert wines of blackberry and Currant. Not so much my taste. I ended up with a Pinot Noir and a Chambourcin from Potomac Highland Winery.

We continued down to Mountain Lakes area, where we found a really beautiful cabin on the river in Smoke Hole.  Finally after 7 years of marriage (this week actually) I finally got my honeymoon Cabin. The girl at reception recommended O’Neills, a local restaurant, for a good steak – after the morning’s diner disappointment I was ready for my steak! I am usually refraining from red meat, but I do have a passion for a steak that is done properly.  We ordered a Prime Rib and a Rib Eye, both medium-well. Disappointment number 2 was heading our way. Dry and well-done Meat with Balsamic sauce that was not cooked enough.

The following morning started with a trip to Gorge Bridge, where the plan was to get there early for some kayaking and bike riding. Well, too bad we got there too late for all of the above and had to settle for a walk around the river, which was nice, but not as exciting as some rafting would have been. To avoid any other culinary surprises, we stuck to Burger King, Arby’s and Wendy’s. yep, no surprises there!

Last day of our trip was an excruciating, yet dazzling, 7 hour drive back to NJ, but not before stopping over at the Black Rocks – a beautiful waterfall about 20 miles north of Petersburg and Smoke Hole.

Next weekend break is Washington DC, stay tuned!

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