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Wordcamp Blogfest: Matt Mullenweg state of the Word

May 30, 2009
Matt Mullenweg, inventor of the WordPress blog...
Image by TechShowNetwork via Flickr

*Blogging Live from WordCamp – Please excuse any typos *

Matt, wearing jeans,  a light brown jacket and sneakers, giving his ‘annual speech’ taking the audience through WordPress‘ 6 years history, present and future. After taking us through the post evolution, and with help from Andy Peatling and Alex King, is presenting

WordPress Future:

* keep an eye on Themes this year. Current theme problems include spam, restrictions, etc.

* Strong theme of WordPress as CMS, stress on Carrington free GPL

* P2: powerful management of threaded comments on homepage

* BuddyPress: take facebook and put it in a box, create a social network on the fly.

* Plugins:  WPtouch – plugin to make your WP mobilized; comment API, desktop moderation of comments; videopress

* WP 2.8 is coming 🙂 : improved screen option, ,multiple galleris per page, improved turbo access, password strength meter and new widgets, and most interesting: localized/internationalized themes (last year 27% of WP downloads were from outside of US, this year it’s 42%)

* Mobile: blackberry application coming out, iphone upgrades

* WPMU and merging codebase

* Robust Twitter integration management

WordPress Businesss Model by Alex King

* primary revenue stream is wordpress development and consulting

* 8 full time employees

* build plugins

* HelpCenter (oncall wordpress support center, troubleshooting, development and customization

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