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WordCamp Blogfest: Chris Pirillo on Community

May 30, 2009

* I am live blogging from wordcamp, so please excuse typos and drafty nature of posts.*

Next session is about Community, presented by Chris Pirillo : despite being on the web for many years “it’s the connections that I make with people, amazes me to this d’ay. “Here are bit’s of his truly uplifting presentation:

* “All of us are a walking Venn diagram, we’re multi faceted.  that is community – it’s inside you.” we have different sides, elements, likes and dislikes that we share with others.

* “Community is becoming increasingly distributed: on different channels, applications, formats.

* Combination of the two bullets above mean that… “we’re venn diagrams, and as community is becoming increasingly distributed, hope is that the two will mesh together”

*  a really important point to highlight and where many people fail with blogging: “it kills me to hear “I set up a blog and nobody came” –  a blog is a tool, and if you think blog is community, you are too a tool”. community exists in one place – your heart, that’s your venn diagram. your blog is a means to share your community.

* There are a lot of tools out there, what differentiates you blogging about coffee than someone else who does that? it’s not the topic that differentiates you, that builds a community, it’s your passion talking about it that builds a community around you.

* community cannot be controlled, only guided

* Community grows its own leaders

* Community is the antithesis of ego – it’s inside you but not about you.

twitter, blogging are egocentric, community is not. and everywhere you go you bring community with you.

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