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WordCamp Blogfest: Tim Ferriss on How to Blog without killing yourself

May 30, 2009
Tim Ferriss
Image by shelisrael1 via Flickr

* 2 disclaimers before you are starting to read the post: first is that I am live blogging from wordcamp, so please excuse typos and drafty nature of posts. second is that this is an uber excited post on Tim, he won my heart, so this post may be a bit sticky, but has some great tips for blog optimization *

Opening session in WordCamp SF was Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week,  talking about how to blog without killing yourself. Charming, sweet and smooth, he just swept me off my feet. I am pretty easy to get excited in general – about ideas, people, etc – so I wouldn’t use me as an actual excitement barometer, BUT there was one element threaded through the presentation which is core to blogging and blog success: you have to talk about something you love.

Bringing with him an entire aura of ‘magic life made easy’ Ferriss sprayed his charm on the audience:  “why do I blog? to love, be loved and never stop learning”. Ferriss shared blogging optimization tips with the crowd:

* Always test to see what works for you and your blog: change wording, labels, links, structure and see what people respond to best.

* Personality counts over spelling:  the important thing about writing great blogs is not being a good writer, but having a strong voice, personality, that is what captures people’s attention and retention.

* Important to remember:  There will always be complaints and they are usually from a minority, don’t let this manage your decisions and behavior.

* Ferriss added ‘total reading time’ and ‘highlight reading time’ counts to his posts to help readers manage their time

* Recommends checking out &

* Passion, Anger, Happiness – these are the ingredients of a good post. let them drive your writing, but! never ever get personal.

And the most important advice for successful blogging: People will not ‘hear’ if you’re writing out of obligation vs writing passionately.

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