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Vinyards, Scenic views, Fruit Loops – Oregon in 10 days (part I)

July 1, 2009

The first stop in our trip to cover Oregon was Portland – this city cought me by surprise and shook my heart. Laid back, relaxed, cool. Most people wore tattoos, some more than others,  there was an air of freedom and cool. Hippie rich areas of forests, gardens, parks, dotted with shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. Felt like I could stay there forever. But clock was ticking so we had to cover the basics: first thing we did was to stop by visitors center that is located at center of downtown at Pioneer Courthouse Sq.  We wanted to get to the jet boat ride but it was too late and was already booked up. the Jet leaves every day at 11.25 ans 4.25 so if you want a guaranteed seat, better book it in advance (it leaves from the OMSI, which is a cool place in itself to visit) we ended up relaxing at the Chinese garden and Japanese garden, but the greatest surprise and win of the day was Jake’s Famous Crawfish where we literally dined our hearts with some Maui Maui Shark, Lobster Ravioli and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.  To our luck, it was happy hour so we added some Spinach dip in $1.95 and Sweet Potato Fries in $3 which were both good quality pub food.

Next day we kicked off with a drive through Mt Hood and Hood River – one of the most amazing views was revealed to us when we drove along Columbia river, visiting the Vista House and climbing Multnomah Falls. Well, to be honest – I didn’t make it to the top. My fear of heights was reintroduced to me, and though the path to to top of the mountain is easy to walk on and as I was calming myself down from the fear I could see kids, pregnant women and grannies pass me by. The View is amazing regardless of where you make your stop.

Fruit Loop – on our way to Sisters we stopped at this delicious area where fruit stands and vyniards are dotted all over the area. This was apparently the cherries season as every stand we visited had fresh, delicious cherries for $1 per Ib. W stopped over at Wy’east vine yard where we tried some Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and some Port. Steve,  The owner, was lovely and warm and told us many stories of wine making. With all the fruits we had in the car we had to stop over at a grocery place to buy some ice. Turned out this was one of the best places I had ever had a Reuben in: the balance between the bread, beef, cheese and saor crwet was perfect.

Sisters is definitley a town to stop by in Central Oregon. We accidentaly passed by it on the way to Black Butt Ranch and were amused and amazed by the ‘wild western’ design of the small town: painted wood in pastels, local diners and pubs with fresh colored wood and ‘cowboys’ atmosphere, this town has character. we ended up the next two days hanging around Black Butte, mostly a family resort with plenty of activities and stuff to do, with wide and beautiful views of Mountains, even mid summer we could see them covered in snow.  One thing that stuck us was that past 9pm there was no where to wine and dine everything around Sisters as well as the Ranch was shut. A nite in the cabin with some Rice Cakes and Wine?

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