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Rest, relax, breath – Oregon in 10 days (part II)

July 14, 2009

One of the greatest things in Oregon is its incredible, wide, green, scenic views.  One of the greatest days we had in this trip was a day of phenomenal views including Crater Lake, Devil’s Lake and a drive along the grayish coast of the Pacific, even that, in a weird, dark way, was breath taking.  Crater Lake is by far one of the most beautiful spots in Oregon: a deep dive into earth, water clear and blue as the sky, and a beauty of nature as scary as if you are there to witness the explosion that created this place.

We then parked for a few days at the Resort at the Mountains, right next to Mt Helen. 4 days of view gazing, hiking and playing around with mini golf, bikes, crockett and… lots of doing nothing. simply relaxing.  Now I am not your average nature girl, so I had to overcome a few mental barriers of hiking in nature – I can definitely handle it to a certain extent, the beauty of forests, mountains and lakes draws me much, but at the end of the day I am not the one you’d take as a partner for the Amazing Race.

One pearl I did find was a coffee shop located between Grehem and Sandy, that has amazing coffee served along with healthy, rich sandwiches and muffins. No, I don’t know it’s name, but if you happen to get to the area, if you happen to see a small cabin-like coffee shop, one that offers toys and games, as well as good coffee, tasty sandwiches and gigantic muffins – that’s the perfect place for a nice snack.

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