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Sleepless in Seattle

July 14, 2009

So ever since I was a non-rebel child, watching Singles, and following the Grunge wave, I always wondered what is Seattle REALLY like. The city that gave birth to such brilliant musicians and romantic films must be amazing. and indeed it was. Luckly we also arrived on a sunny weekend, which made everything seem a lot more cool. The city is so easy to get around, and one can spend hours just walking around admiring the amazing architecture by the shore.

For someone like me that adores seafood, Seattle was heaven, and I tried to taste every scallop, crab and lobster on every food stand, restaurant or fish rack. I do hope I left some fish in the sea.  Pike Market, the famous food market, reminded me of Camden in many ways. It was a bit too commercial but had great food, plus the original Starbucks is there, so even though they serve the same coffee as every starbucks in every corner does, people sometimes line up there to get a grande skinny vanilla cappuccino with an extra shot. If you do get there please avoid Piroshky Piroshky – I grew up in a home where my grandma used to make Piroshky every weekend – tiny, hot, steamy pockets of dough filled with meat and potatoes. the ones offered on this stand are nothing like it, plus they are served cold. I do recommend Jake’s Fish stand and the cheesecake shop. Heavenly miniature cheesecakes, bucketed in small paper wraps, signed with a treat, and that look and taste like heaven.

‘nough about food. I did do other things than chew and digest. The ‘Experience Music Project‘ is a cool place to visit. It is mostly dedicated to the Hendrix, an artist I respect, but that makes me dizzy with his experimentational sounds. It also offers a great collection of guitars (if you eve wondered about the history of Gibson and Martin, this is the exhibition for you) and offers a great space for kids, and kids in their heart, to experiment with instruments and sounds. Right next to the Music Fest is the SciFi museum – wow!  what a fun place, where I saw Twiki, R2D2, the history of SciFi, SciFi in real life, StarTrek suits and the Spaceship design (anyone to sick bay)? 2nd Ave west of Pike Market is a cool spot to hang out for Grunge fans – Crocodile is still there, and other pubs and restos play Cooper Temple Clause and other cool idea bands while you sip beer and absorb the sun. am I talking about food AGAIN?! ah. what can you do.

Seattle is a cool city. no doubt. I was sad to leave it but kinda happy to go back to my old life. I missed it.

Next trip – New England! but for now I just want to hang out at home for a bit and ease up on the jet lag…

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