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My Grandma’s Community

July 18, 2009
copenhagen, treasures about to be packed
Image by svanes via Flickr

As a kid, I used to spend hours at my Grandma’s. In a hidden house, in a hidden street somewhere in Tel Aviv, I used to help her sew new cloths. My Grandma, a well-kept polish women, always wearing Lipstick on, was using Burda, a german magazine, to cut patterns and sew suits, shirts, My Purim customs, any piece of garment you could think of, my Grandma could do.

I was reminded of Burda when I was going through Time-Out this weekend, and ran into a short piece about Burda online site which one of the editors was using to as a creative and economically efficeint way to get new cloths. I checked the site out and was blown out by the transition this magazine has gone through: open source based with community, wiki and amazingly cheap, simple and quick way to download patterns.

Going through the site, I was in awe. What an amazing tranformation for such an old, traditional brand, such a nische activity, using latest technology and  collaborative participation:  The site allows one to create a profile, upload a creations, participate in forum discussions, refer to a ‘sewpedia’ with explanations of unclear sewing tactics and terms,  watch how to videos and read the professional Burda peeps blogs and download patterns for as little as $4.

A true fashion community.  I might go back to my childhood days and start sewing again, if only just to participate in this network.

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