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Healthier by 2010 – not just me

July 20, 2009
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2 more online personas I follow religiously and with awe have decided to focus on better self and document it online. One in the past one in the future. One Chris Brogan and other Tim Ferriss.

Chris Brogan told a personal story about ‘scorching earth‘ : clearing his fridge from all unhealthy food upon return from vacation. Tim Ferriss is sharing his secrets in a new book coming out soon, and has dedicated many posts to discussing his transformation. These guys are an inspiration to me and I am so happy to be reading their documentation of their journey to better health.

Me I have decided to dedicate myself one hour a day in the gym, 5-6 times a week. Will that make a change? we’ll wait and see. I have consulted with a good friend of mine who considers the gym his home and here are the tips I got:

* to burn fat – do aerobics aerobics, aerobics. When I do get to run, I usually go for a 3-4 mile run. I will aim for 4-5 mile run 5-6 times a week.

* add weight training for upper body and back muscles strengthening

* food (yeah I was eager to get to this part already): 2 schools of thought here. I tend to go with ‘eat an energy bar 1 hour before training’ and my friend goes with ‘eat half a bagel and drink coffee with no milk or sugar 30 min before training”. I am curious about his approach which is suppose to ‘skip’ the 20 first min of protein burn straight into fat burn.

5-6 time a week is a lot, but if I keep it short, it should be sustainable. 21 days to build a habit, right?

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