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Execute command: Forget My Network Activity

August 16, 2009
Wired Magazines
Image by Johannesen via Flickr

Wired has a great article (that wasn’t formally pushlished online yet) in this month’s issue from Clive Thompson, talking about maintaining your privacy and allowing social networks to ‘forget’ your activity on the network. “What happens in Vegas stays in… Twitter, Flicker, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, etc” is one of the strongest facts noted in @mashable‘s social media stats presentation. And indeed, the web doesn’t forget. All the you have posted stays up there, for good and for bad. Clive Thompson brings a gret example of a site that allows you to ‘expire’ your contribution.

This is an interesting concept. As online profile reflects ‘you’ online, how you percieve yourself and how others percieve you, should and would you want to be able to simply ‘delete’ your contribution conciously from your and the collective memory, what would be the impact of that on ‘authenticity’ ?

what do you think? should we be able to delete social activity online at the cost of interfering with ‘truth’  ?

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