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4 things to learn from Jeremiah Owyang

August 27, 2009
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Jeremiah Owyang, a leading Forrester analyst who has build himself a solid name in the Social Media world, is leaving Forrester to focus on a business of his own. In ‘the year of Social Media’ where social media value is widely recognized and everyone is a Social Media enthusiast, building a name for oneself is not easy – always being in the stream of news and conversation, blogging and tweeting quality content that adds to the conversation as well as do your day job, and Owyang has managed to do all this and make a his name a brand.

How does one do that?

There is no magic trick – social media requires effort and time and thought if you want to build a name for yourself, and nothing happens overnight, just like anything else in life. Social Media, however, gives you a wide variety of free and easy tools and easier access to those who you want to listen to you – something no other media channel gives you.

How do you build a name for yourself?

1)      Be out there – Participate in conversations in different networks, share your knowledge and get involved – social media is about the community first, and what you contribute to them.  Be Present: Pose questions, answer questions, link to sources – be useful to your network.

2)      Be dedicated – Owyang mentions he dedicated time for research and blogging, every single day. This may sound like a lot, but looks very different if compared to doing the same thing with no online tools.

3)      Add Value – letting people know your opinions and thoughts about decisions and opinion, legal trends, on appointments is great, but ask yourself what is the one bottom line, one key message you are adding to the discussion that makes someonewant to respond, to trigger more thought.  One of Owyang’s greatest contributions to the social media conversation is the Social Media Eras structure and analysis – an analysis which combines business, academic and behavioral elements that have never been mentioned before in the social media discourse.

4)      Have a planNYT mentions Owyang has always planned for blogging and participating in conversations – it was a part of his routine “”My use of social media and my career advancement are intrinsically tied,” Owyang told us by phone today. “I started my blog as a practitioner at Hitachi. I budget time every morning to read and blog. I do that before I check my personal email or work email.”.

Jeremiah Owyang build a name for himself with passion, interest, a good plan, and a laptop. So can you.

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