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Healthier by 2010 community project

I have always enjoyed food.  A family member once told me if he could have one pill in the morning that includes all his nutriants and vitamins and that he wouldn’t need to touch food, that would be a dream come true to him “food is a hassle” he said. Having this pill invented and used would probably make my life miserable.

However, at the same time, I am also battling my love for food which brings more weight and more importantly, add health issues to the discussion, it’s no longer about different dress sizes.  In my last trip to Washington and Oregon, hiking through moutains and lakes, I could feel my body is not working at the pace I thought it would. I was breathing heavily, my heart was pounding, I could feel the cholesterol chocking the veins (yeah I get kind of hypochondriac and visually creative like that…). I decided this is the last time I let this happen – whether my hypochondria was justified or not, there is extra weight, extra cholesterol etc, to say goodbye to before it starts real damage. Enjoying the pleasures of life is one thing – getting eliminated by them is another.

It’s not like I have not tried losing weight and getting healthier before – it’s just that… life kinda gets in the way and I have million excuses to use for is (work, events, the dog ate the homework). Gain some – lose some. This stops now.

So I decided to do what helped me lose weight in the past – do it together. I want to be healthier and I am offering  you to join me! not that I think YOU need to lose weight 🙂 But if you have a goal to implement for a healthier lifestyle, be it quit smoking, eat less fatty food, exercise more, be more positive – any goal, mental and physical, let’s do this together, use the power of community.

And so I declare project ‘Healthier by 2010″ – in which I plan to lose 30 pound/15 kg in 23 weeks – a well balanced and healthy pace, and more importantly, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in my blood.  I will post weekly on the topic and hope you can join me too by sharing your Healthier By 2010 goals and progress.

Blog, comment and tweet your experience – show others it is possible despite all difficulties.

If you are tweeting about this, please use #healthier2010 to tag your tweets.

Just some basic shared understanding – promotional posts will not be tolerated. there are great services out there to help all of us be better – this project is about the experience, not the tools.

Good Luck to all of us!!

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