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In my 7 years in London and New York, between working 16 hours a day and laboring my degree, I do not always catch as much of the Arts and Culture as I want to, but those events I do manage to experience, I capture in my reviews for the Culture section of Israel’s Ynet and NRG.

(all in Hebrew I’m afraid…)

Audioslave gig review:

Ian Brown gig review:

Common gig review:

The Doves gig review:

‘Caravaggio – the final years’ exhibition in The National Gallery:

Interpol gig review:

Jody Garlend’s dress, Nick Hornby and more:

Kylie, Clapton, Wee, Duke Spirit:

Oasis reunion:

UK music festivals:

UK food festival:

Interpol, again… :,7340,L-3402409,00.html

Amy Winehouse photos:,7340,L-3476775,00.html

Superheroes: Fashion and Fiction Metropolitan exhibition review:,7340,L-3542675,00.html

Madonna – as she is releasing her new album “Hard Candy” and celebrates her 50th birthday, this is a review of her top 5 albums ever:,7340,L-3534050,00.html

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